Hector Pieterson

Zolile Hector Pieterson (19 August 1963 – 16 June 1976) was a South African schoolboy who was shot and killed at the age of twelve during the Soweto uprising, when the police opened fire on black students protesting the enforcement of teaching in Afrikaans, mostly spoken by the white and coloured population in South Africa, whereas they wanted to learn their native languages, Xhosa and Zulu. A news photograph by Sam Nzima of the mortally wounded Pieterson being carried by another Soweto resident while his sister ran next to them was published around the world. The anniversary of his death …



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Federation of Transvaal Women (FEDTRAW) and Black Sash women remember Hector Pieterson's death 13 Years earlier and place flowers on his grave. Avalon cemetery, Soweto. 16 June 1989.

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and it’s further down in the west, and Hector (Pieterson) died, I think, more to the south. So as coming to join us, it’s in that group that Hector (Pieterson) had died. For me that was a defining moment and that sense of loss where a little boy, Hector (Pieterson), just never left me…has never left me to feel, for you, for me, that moment when Hector (Pieterson) died, I got myself in there for the whole sense of guilt. I think that I used it when Hector (Pieterson) died, there’s a sense of… 12 Int

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With Schedule of events and pamphlet introducing the Liliesleaf Legacy Project.

Freedom Park Project, the Apartheid Museum, Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum, and the Constitutional

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anniversary of the death of Soweto resident Hector Pieterson, one of the pinnacle moments of the black

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Orlando West, where the shooting took place, and Hector Pieterson was shot and, you know. Yes. Int The

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of that little boy who was being carried, Hector (Pieterson)… Int 1976… MP 1976. And that really

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a small boy , was s ho t . His name was Hector Pieterson , a nd others were a l so shot . ( 10)

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Alexander Sinton Secondary School in Athlone, Cape Town. The mural depicts the iconic image of Hector Pieterson being carried at the start of the June 1976 student uprising, and learners carrying a placard

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