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At Africa Media Online we speak about ourselves as operating a ‘digital trade route’ that enables you to get your analogue or digital collections from where they are currently stored to the audience you want to reach, whether local or global. Our passion at Africa Media Online is “Africans telling Africa’s Story”. The problem in society, and what we want to be a part of resolving, is the lack of an African perspective in the telling of the African story. More often than not, in the global media or heritage sphere, Africa’s story is told, both to a global and an African audience, by those who do not have Africa as their home. While we have no problem with this (and even encourage when appropriate) we also believe that for information democracy to flourish, African voices should also be heard on their own terms both in Africa and on the global stage. Hence the ‘digital trade route’, where we hope to enable ‘Africans to tell Africa’s Story’.


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