Ahmed Kathrada

Ahmed Mohamed Kathrada (21 August 1929 – 28 March 2017), sometimes known by the nickname "Kathy", was a South African politician and anti-apartheid activist. Kathrada's involvement in the anti-apartheid activities of the African National Congress (ANC) led him to his long-term imprisonment following the Rivonia Trial, in which he was held at Robben Island and Pollsmoor Prison. Following his release in 1990, he was elected to serve as a member of parliament, representing the ANC. He authored a book, No Bread for Mandela – Memoirs of Ahmed Kathrada, Prisoner No.



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Supporters carry a jubilant Ahmed Kathrada on their shoulders after his release from prison. People hold posters calling for welcoming back leaders, long live the ANC and supporting the UDF.

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Relating to Ahmed Kathrada formally apologising to Bob Hepple for his accusations during the Rivonia Trial, together with the article in the Mail&Guardian. Included correspondence with Paul Joseph

23 May 2000. Ahmed Kathrada C/o Tommy Vassen 71 Stratyre Avenue London SW16 4RF Dear Kathy I am sorry HeDDle fo lS n g hfs arresfat Rivonia in 1963. Ahmed Kathrada and the publishers now unreservedly to Bob Hepple following his arrest at Rivonia in 1963. Ahmed Kathrada and the publishers now unreservedly withdraw Letters from Robben Island: A Selection of Ahmed Kathrada s Prison Correspondence 1964-1989, edited edited by Robert D.Vassen As you may know, Mr Ahmed Kathrada has caused to be published in The Mail and Guardian

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rallies. UDF national conference. Resist Group Areas. Freedom Charter: the people's demands. Ahmed Kathrada - people's hero. Letters. MP's resign now!. Courts. SAYCO launched. Hands off Cosatu!

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released ANC leaders. A man sits with a t-shirt that says: "Welcome home Comrades: Walter Sisulu Ahmed Kathrada Raymond Mhlaba, Wilton Mkwayi, Elias Motsoaledi, Andrew Mlangeni, Oscar Mpetha." Soccer City

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Ahmed Kathrada: the untold story of an Indian freedom figther in South Africa Dutch subtitles


Esther Barsel, Bob Hepple, Andrew Kunene, Ahmed Kathrada, and Joe Slovo, myself. And was there anybody Nokwe, Dan Glume, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Ahmed Kathrada, Billy Nair, M.P. Naicker, Stephen Dhlamini remember discussing a document like this with Ahmed Kathrada. Bo you know who prepaid it?— I don't know

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Including transcript of interview with Bob Hepple in 2005, conducted by Garth Benneyworth; excerpts from a research report which Garth Benneyworth wrote in 2007 entitled 'Rivonia Uncovered - Rivonia Recovered'; …

had also provided a copy of the account to Ahmed Kathrada who never commented on it directly but had to each other. 8. FIREARMS During early 1963 Ahmed Kathrada found a rifle, concealed beneath a bed.. This alter Sisulu, Rusty Bernstein, Raymond Mhlaba, Ahmed Kathrada, Govan Mbeki and Bob Hepple. Mbeki responded First • Rusty Bernstein • Bram Fischer • Ahmed Kathrada • Raymond Mhlaba • Bob Hepple The discussions internal sanction before their departure.” Ahmed Kathrada was also opposed to the plan, along with Hepple

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