Eradication du ver de Guinée
Coherent Identifier 20.500.12592/q65rjf

Eradication du ver de Guinée



This fabric displays a World Health Organization campaign to eradicate Guinea worm disease. The disease is caused by a parasite and transmitted via contaminated drinking water. One image shows a woman with a baby on her back filtering water through a cloth. The second image shows a man supporting himself with a crutch. He is unable to walk due to the worm emerging from his foot. There is an image of a worm wound around a stick, a common extraction method. There are two pitchers of water: the one with the cloth filter contains clean water, the unfiltered water has parasites swimming in it. The background shows a pattern of black designs that resemble parasites. The red circles contains a drawing that resembles the WHO emblem. Text (French; English): Cible 1995; Target 1995; Eradication du Ver de Guinée; Eradication of Guinea Worm. Produced in Koudougou, Burkina Faso. Donated by John Hutchison The selvage reads “FASO FANI”

Description of object
Cotton ; 3.75 feet by 6 feet
Format of Original
Three dimensional object
Published in
Burkina Faso


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