Zanzibar revolution

The Zanzibar Revolution (Arabic: ثورة زنجبار, romanized: Thawrat Zanjibār) occurred in 1964 and led to the overthrow of the Sultan of Zanzibar and his mainly Arab government by local African revolutionaries. Zanzibar was an ethnically diverse state consisting of a number of islands off the east coast of Tanganyika, which had been granted independence by Britain in 1963. In a series of parliamentary elections preceding independence, the Arab minority succeeded in retaining the hold on power it had inherited from Zanzibar's former existence as an overseas territory of Oman.



Laws.Africa · 30 November 2012 English

(1/2” January) - Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar (Zanzibar Revolution Day). 24* au 25* Januari (24"* or 25"* January)

Laws.Africa · 8 November 2019 English

Januari (12th January) Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar (Zanzibar Revolution Day) 7 Aprili (7th April) Siku ya Kumbukumbu

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