Southern Africa

Southern Africa is the southernmost subregion of the African continent, south of the Congo and Tanzania. The physical location is the large part of Africa to the south of the extensive Congo River basin. Southern Africa is home to a number of river systems; the Zambezi River being the most prominent.



DISA: Digital Innovation South Africa · 1 April 1977 English

This is the Christian Institute memorandum on alternative policies in South Africa, April 1977.


These towers are occupied 24 hours a day during the period when birds and monkeys must be frightened away from maturing crops. Log drums, singing, and noise makers keep the …


Leabua Jonathan is the major airport in Lesotho. Leabua Jonathan was the Prime Minister of Lesotho from 1966 until 1986 when he was overthrown. All highways and major streets as …


Three Catholic sisters, Rosemary, Elizabeth, and Veronica, who lived and worked in Thamaga.


Port Elizabeth is built on a hill.

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