Hilla Limann

Hilla Limann, (12 December 1934 – 23 January 1998) was a Ghanaian diplomat and politician who served the President of Ghana from 24 September 1979 to 31 December 1981. He served as a diplomat in Lome, Togo and Geneva, Switzerland. == Education == Limann, whose original last name was Babini, was born in the northern Gold Coast town of Gwollu in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region to a poor family.



Stellascope Ltd. · 19 May 1980 English

Bongo Gambia Pres. Sir Dawda Jawara Ghana Pres. Hilla Limann Guinea Pres. Ahmed Sekou Toure Guinea Bissau

BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation · 23 May 1992

including Acheampong and going on to becoming president, there is also an interview with president Hilla Limann.

University of the Witwatersrand English

Flight-Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings' handover to President Hilla Limann in September 1979. Addressing Limann at the

The Weekly Review Ltd. · 8 January 1982 English

end to the civilian government of President Hilla Limann and his People's National Party (PNP). And

The Weekly Review Ltd. · 29 June 1979 English

the Left Pro-Nkrumah party wins GHANAIAN Dr. Hilla Limann led his left-wing People’s National Party to

The Weekly Review Ltd. · 22 January 1982 English

rejoiced in Ghana after the recent, overthrow of Hilla Limann it seems the leader of the coup, Fit. Lt. Jerry

The Weekly Review Ltd. · 15 January 1982 English

government has been sung, with ex-president, Mr. Hilla Limann, ex-vice-president, Mr. William de Graft Johnson

The Weekly Review Ltd. · 7 September 1979 English

civilian government led by president-elect Dr. Hilla Limann will take office on September 24, a week earlier

The Weekly Review Ltd. · 7 November 1980 English

democratically-elected government of President Hilla Limann. About three and half months earlier — on

The Weekly Review Ltd. · 9 July 1982 English

toppling the civilian govern­ ment of President Hilla Limann in a New Year’s Day eve coup and the setting

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