Ethiopia, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa. It shares borders with Eritrea to the north, Djibouti to the northeast, Somalia to the east and northeast, Kenya to the south, South Sudan to the west, and Sudan to the northwest. Ethiopia has a total area of 1,100,000 square kilometres (420,000 sq mi).



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Amanal Petros fled Ethiopia at the age of 16 and applied for asylum in Germany. He's been training in a sports club in Bielefeld for a year, and he's one of the best 3000-meter runners in Germany. If his

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Thousands of birds that fly south during the European winter migrate to Lake Tana in Ethiopia. It's the source of the Blue Nile and has a unique ecosystem. More than two thirds of its fish species are

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Chinese shoemaker Huajian set up a factory in Ethiopia in 2012. The plant is modelled entirely on its Chinese counterpart; banners hanging on the wall display messages designed to motivate workers to produce


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Egypt is casting worried looks towards the south. Ethiopia is currently building the biggest dam in Africa on the Blue Nile River, close to the border with Sudan. The plan is to use the river's vast masses

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popular in Europe, the commissioners in charge of climate policy and humanitarian aid have traveled to Ethiopia to try to improve things there. Kristalina Georgieva and Connie Hedegaard saw first-hand how EU

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It took years of campaigning, but in 2010, Ethiopia's wild coffee forests at last gained protected status as the UNESCO Kafa Coffee Biosphere Reserve.

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