The Democratic Republic of the Congo (French: République démocratique du Congo (RDC) [kɔ̃ɡo]), informally Congo-Kinshasa, DR Congo, the DRC, the DROC, or the Congo, and formerly and also colloquially Zaire, is a country in Central Africa. It is bordered to the northwest by the Republic of the Congo, to the north by the Central African Republic, to the northeast by South Sudan, to the east by Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, and by Tanzania (across Lake Tanganyika), to the south and southeast by Zambia, to the southwest by Angola, and to the west by the South Atlantic Ocean and the Cabinda …



Endangered Archives Programme · 1923 English

Extent and format of original material: 4 items in paper format. Physical characteristics of original: The physical characteristics of each page of the folder varies. However, most of the material …

UCB: University of California, Berkeley · 1906

Introductory.--The land régime and the freedom of trade.--Taxation.--Military expeditions.--The concessions.--Depopulation.--The abandoned infants.--Recruiting of soldiers and workmen.--Justice.--Institution of a committee.

GPO: United States Government Publishing Office

the Dept. of State web site. Address as of 4/20/2000:; current access is available via PURL.

GPO: United States Government Publishing Office

Semiannual Description based on first issue; title from title screen (viewed on Jan. 9, 2009). Latest issue consulted: May 2008. Series changed from: PHNIP country health statistical report to USAID …

GPO: United States Government Publishing Office · 2013

"January 2013." "LL File No. 2013-008641." "LRA-D-PUB-000004." Includes bibliographical references. Description based on online resource; title from PDF caption (Law Library of Congress, viewed October 7, 2020).

GPO: United States Government Publishing Office · 2018

Updated irregularly Report includes illustrations. The CRS report home page provides access to all versions published since 2018 in accordance with P.L. 115-141. Contents viewed Feb. 16, 2022; title from …

BL: British Library · 18 June 2019 English

Location: Conakry. Original reference: Syliphone4-734-01. and CEAP608/8780. Record number: K545/S

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