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Stellenbosch University

Type Higher Education
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Year founded 1866
Location Stellenbosch, WC South Africa South Africa

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SU: Stellenbosch University · 5 August 2013 English

The British government is about to make war on the Transvaal and William Thomas Stead’s personal appeal to the conscience of his fellow-countrymen, is to rid themselves of prejudice and …

SU: Stellenbosch University · 2 November 2008

Manuscripts written by F. van Zyl Slabbert regarding the appreciation of contribution of Thabo Mbeki towards South African Politics.

SU: Stellenbosch University · 1 November 2008 English

Article written for a special edition of the The South African Jewish Report, 2008.11.21, for Helen Suzman’s 91st birthday. Accompanied by a letter commissioning an article for publication in the …

SU: Stellenbosch University · 11 September 2008 Afrikaans

An anecdotal, biographical and analytical synopsis of the important place of the Afrikaans language in his life. Accompanied by manuscript. On page 6 of the holograph manuscript there is a …

SU: Stellenbosch University · 4 September 2008

Article for FM on electoral reform accompanied by the manuscript and email requesting that article be sent.

SU: Stellenbosch University · 26 August 2008 English

Article regarding Helen Suzman Foundation. Focus 52: Electoral reform accompanied by two letters regarding an article commisioned by Focus 52, the Helen Suzman Foundation's Quarterly Political Journal. Suggested title: “Reforming …

SU: Stellenbosch University · 31 July 2008 Afrikaans

Answers to questions put by Kampusnuus, monthly staff letter of Stellenbosch University, just before FVZS’s inauguration as Chancellor of the university on 2008.08.01. Accompanied by interview questions and edited answers, …

SU: Stellenbosch University · 29 July 2008 English

The dynamics of the transition in South Africa from an authoritarian regime to “rather uncertain democratic outcomes.” Accompanied by manuscript and email.

SU: Stellenbosch University · 21 February 2008 Afrikaans

Article published in Rapport, under the title: “Herbesin oor ons kiesstelsel”. Regarding the possibilities open to citizens to call their political representatives and leaders to account.

SU: Stellenbosch University · 2008 English

Final version of speech/article about the electoral system within which voters can call Government to account on any issue. Source unknown.

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