cover image: XIVe Sommet de la Francophonie


XIVe Sommet de la Francophonie


The center of the cloth features a logo for the 14th Francophonie Summit held in Kinshasa in 2012. It shows an okapi, an animal native to the DRC, at the center of the Francophonie symbol which represents the five continents. Around the center are lists of francophone countries grouped alphabetically. This is set against a blue floral-patterned background. The border features the crossed flags of the Democratic Republic of Congo and another bearing the Francophonie logo. Text: Kinshasa 2012; XIVe Sommet de la francophonie Text along selvage edge reads "Wax New Fashion" and "Sotexki".
french-speaking countries commemorative textile fabrics — congo (democratic republic) cotton textiles — congo (democratic republic) sommet de la francophonie (14th : 2012 : kinshasa, congo)
Description of object
Cotton ; 3.75 feet by 2.3 feet
Format of Original
Three dimensional object
Published in
Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)
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